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Decoration Bamboo fiber wallboard features waterproof Bamboo fiber wallboard is more suitable for hurnid areas, due to its waterproof and moisture-proof performance is better, moisture vapor and other difficult to soak, can keep the room dry and comfortable, no leakage of water, but also can get rid of the wall generator change trouble. Heat preservation and heat insulation Compared with ordinary wall decoration materials, the room temperature of t-fiber wallboard installation differs by 7 degrees and that of painted walls by 10 degrees. Its unique heat insulation performance, can achieve obvious energy-saving effect. Simple installation The traditional gusset plate installation method is adopted in the design, which can be directly bent, combined and folded, and the blank wall is directly installed. The decoration cycle is short, time saving and labor saving,and one step in place. Easy to clean Need to clean, can be swabbed directly with water, and not easy to bubble, deformation. Low carbon environmental protection Do not contain paint,petty use wake up,decorate finish without peculiar smell, also won't cause harm to human body.Production technology and product ingredients The production process The production adopts advanced extrusion technology and extrusion molding at high temperature, using PUR hot melt extrusion molding imported from Japan at high temperature 180 degrees! Product ingredients It is made of bamboo powder, wood powder, calcium powder and high polymer resin.size:0.6*2.44mWPC products are widely used for interior decoration of hotel,restaurant, Residential building,theater,meeting room,fitness room,cultural activity  center,exhibition room etc. Three installation ways: 1.forplainwall,insert stainlesss lip directly into panel and and fixed onto The wall with self screw. 2. if wall is not plain enough,need to make a plain wall by wood frame, Then fix stainlesss lip onto wood frame,finally insert wall panel into slip, Panel is recycled by thisway. 3. Aftermaking plain wall with wood frame,fix wall panel with row nail Onto frame.The specificationApplication :

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