The fourth generation nanotechnology vinyl flooring material specialized for the dancing stage

  • Homogeneous technology, homogeneous formula
  •  2.6 3.0 4.0 5.0 mm four thickness option
  • Nano material, non-phthalic plasticizer, zero formaldehyde, flame retardant B1 grade
  • Moist but not astringent, smooth but not slippery
  • No reflection, no film, no foaming
  • One of the best dance floors ever 
  • Surface:PUR coating

Products Details




Type of flooring

ISO 10581-EN649

Heterogeneous vinyl floor roll



polyvinyl chloride resin




Slip resistance

DIN 51130


Dynamic coefficient of friction














One class

Popular colorsAdvantages of the fourth generation non-scratch homogeneous vinyl dance floor Stability made by advanced whole-body extrusion technology, which ensures the stability of the product during using, effectively reduces the probability of product deformation, and improves the service life of the product. comfort The professional dance floor is mainly made of soft nano-material PVC. The design combines ergonomic principles to provide users with better comfort. In addition,  the surface is treated by a special process. It can be consistent with the brightness of the light, and will not reflect light and glare, which better protects the eyes of dancers and makes them less prone to fatigue. sports protection The surface of the professional dance floor is smooth but not slippery, with good flexibility, moderate elasticity, and moderate moistness, which is conducive to buffering the impact during exercise, providing dancers with scientific resilience, and Reduces the chance of accidental injury caused by ground factors when dancers perform rotation, jumping and other technical movements and help dancers enjoy the wonderful art of dance! Durability and Abrasion Resistance As the professional dance floor which is specially treated with nanotechnology, so can be extremely durable and wear-resistant, thus increasing the service life of the floor.  Easy to install According to the original ground conditions, consumers can choose to install it by themselves or by a professional team. Under normal circumstances, if the original ground is flat and dry, consumers can choose special double-sided tape or environmentally friendly glue to install by themselves.  Easy maintenance The surface layer of the professional dance floor has the ability to eliminate external pollution. If the surface is polluted, just use a clean mop and clean water to scrub. For difficult stains, please use a neutral detergent to clean.  Good sound absorption As the professional dance floor thickness is standard, and has suitable anti-elasticity and reasonable shock absorption, so makes the result of the function of sound absorption during the dancer moving,has better performance on sound insulation. Other advantages Moisture-proof, non-slip, wear-resistant, pressure resistant, stain resistant, green environmental protection, no methanol, non-toxic, etc. The dance floor is multi-colored At present, the main colors chosen by teaching dance groups are beige white, light gray and sky blue. Dance rubber stage with dark color: light gray, black. Children dance more choose sky blue, white and so on.

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